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The Waterloo Natural History Association (WNHA) is a non-profit organization established to help visitors maximize their experiences in the Waterloo Recreation Area. The Waterloo Recreation Area is a 21,000 acre oasis of forests, prairies and wetlands located in the heart of Michigan's most developed counties.

The area's rugged, glacial hills are covered with oak-hickory forests, while lowland areas are home to American beech and sugar maple. Its quaking bogs are habitat for rare orchids and carnivorous plants. Thousands of acres of marshland provide habitat for sandhill cranes, great blue heron, mink, and many species of waterfowl.

Whether you explore the dark, tangled recesses of the black spruce bog, or enjoy listening to the chorus of woodland frogs in the spring, the Waterloo Natural History Association will help you discover the natural environment of the Waterloo Recreation Area, the largest state park in Michigan's lower peninsula.

Waterloo: A Gift from the Glaciers

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